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Simeon Van der Hoeven



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Limited edition Fine Art Print.

This work was created by putting 34 people in a mathematically correct Fibonacci's Spiral. Each square has the correct dimensions and exact amount of people as described in Fibonacci's series: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13 totalling 33 persons, which is the amount of vertebrae in your spine when you are born. A 34th person resembles the zero point of creation, God, the Mystery, the Singularity, Pure Consciousness, where our current Creation happened. This is a tribute to and research in the Great Powers creating our existence.

About the Creatio Ex Nihilo project:

The Creation of our Universe is a mystery that inspired many thinkers across different fields in our human history: Astronomers, mathematicians, spiritual thinkers, philosophers and many more. Patterns can be discovered in our physical realm that echo the moment of Creation. Fibonacci's sequence, which is related to Phi and the Golden Ratio, is one example. It has fascinated artists, scientists, mathematicians, painters using it to enhance the beauty in their paintings, composition in photography, the music scales and theory, the Greeks that used it in building their Temples and there is even evidence that the Egyptians used that what we think is a quite modern Western finding.

This mathematic sequence turns up everywhere in nature: the amount of leaves in a branch, the amount of spirals in pine cones to the amount of fingers, and eyes you have. The geometric figure turns up in shells, clouds and even the structure of our own Milkyway. It reflects one of the rules or blueprints our Physical Realm is build on and exists.

Editions and numbers:

S - 30x40cm - 100 copies

M - 42x59,4cm - 50 copies

L - 59,4x84,1cm - 20 copies

XL - 90+cm - 5 copies 



Orders will be packed in a protective tube that ensures safe arrival. The shipping will be tracked.

Belgium: €10

EU: €20

Worldwide: on demand

Care Instructions

When unpacking, take your print out of the tube and place it on a flat surface for 48 hours. By adding some books as weight on top, it should straighten itself out easily!

Framing Instructions

S - will fit standard 30x40cm frame

M - will fit standard A2 frame

L - will fit standard A1 frame

XL - custom framing necessary

For extra impact it is possible to pick a larger frame and use a passepartout. Recommended framing color: black, white, or metallic.


We are convinced you will be happy with your print. In case you would like to swap it with another work, you can notify is within 5 business days. You will be responsible for extra shipping costs and price difference in case the desired replacement is priced higher.

In case the print arrives at your home damaged, please contact us with a picture of your damaged print and we will happily replace it!

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