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Simeon Van der Hoeven



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Limited edition Fine Art Print.

Captured on the famous basalt beach on the South coast in Iceland, capturing the first rays of light rising above the ocean. The contrast between the organic human curves and anorganic vertical columns make an interesting display for your beloved spaces.

About the Morning Light project:

First there was darkness, then there was light.

Day and night, shadow and light, even the simplest concepts in our daily lives appear to be following the rules of duality. It seems that the existence of one depends on the existence of the complete contrary. This dance is a central theme in many spiritual beliefs and religious teachings and is seen as one of the basic principles of our Reality. The darkness offers a canvas for the light to paint its colours, and vice versa. This seems to be true in our observable Universe, but is sometimes hard to notice within ourselves. We too, seem to follow the same cycles of death and rebirth, and often forget that this is the human process and experience. We tend to run away from our darkness, our Shadow, growing it the longer we remain focussed on the light. We feel like something must be wrong, when we get dragged into feeling our deepest fears and emptiness. But if we listen carefully, we are called deeper inwards to feel the Void. The darkness of the Cosmos is yearning to express itself through us, as we are a reflection of it. There is beauty in the darkness that shines our light even brighter. Now, do you listen to your darkness?

Editions and numbers:

S - 30x40cm - 50 copies

M - 42x59,4cm - 20 copies

L - 59,4x84,1cm - 10 copies

XL - 10 copies

In frame:

Svala Jóhannsdóttir



Orders will be packed in a protective tube that ensures safe arrival. The shipping will be tracked.

Belgium: €10

EU: €20

Worldwide: on demand

Care Instructions

When unpacking, take your print out of the tube and place it on a flat surface for 48 hours. By adding some books as weight on top, it should straighten itself out easily!

Framing Instructions

S - will fit standard 30x40cm frame

M - will fit standard A2 frame

L - will fit standard A1 frame

XL - custom framing necessary

For extra impact it is possible to pick a larger frame and use a passepartout. Recommended framing color: black, white, or metallic.


We are convinced you will be happy with your print. In case you would like to swap it with another work, you can notify is within 5 business days. You will be responsible for extra shipping costs and price difference in case the desired replacement is priced higher.

In case the print arrives at your home damaged, please contact us with a picture of your damaged print and we will happily replace it!

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