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Simeon Van der Hoeven



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Limited edition Fine Art Print.

A healing art project conducted in the iconic Central Park in New York.

About the City That Always Sleeps project:

In a world that is always sleeping
And a city that never sleeps
We keep running around in circles
What if we took a moment
To slow down, wake up
Break the illusion and connect?

On the middle of the rock bed supporting the city of New York, 9 individuals took a moment to slow down, open up and connect. In the green heart of New York, the iconic Central Park, a place that has been a refuge for many and a symbol of rest since centuries, they shaped a warm beating human heart surrounded by cold skyscrapers and city noise. A moment of vulnerability, a moment of silence, a moment much needed in a place like New York.

These megacities drive us into a cycle we are not meant to be in as human beings. A cycle of endless productivity, working 3 jobs to pay the bills, all to support a system that is slowly destroying everything around us. It is disconnecting us from all that we love: ourselves, each other, our creativity, our inner nature and so on. Ironically, the city that never sleeps is never waking up to its own madness.

Editions and numbers:

S - 30x40cm - 50 copies

M - 42x59,4cm - 20 copies

L - 59,4x84,1cm - 10 copies

XL - 90+cm - 5 copies 




Orders will be packed in a protective tube that ensures safe arrival. The shipping will be tracked.

Belgium: €10

EU: €20

Worldwide: on demand

Care Instructions

When unpacking, take your print out of the tube and place it on a flat surface for 48 hours. By adding some books as weight on top, it should straighten itself out easily!

Framing Instructions

S - will fit standard 30x40cm frame

M - will fit standard A2 frame

L - will fit standard A1 frame

XL - custom framing necessary

For extra impact it is possible to pick a larger frame and use a passepartout. Recommended framing color: black, white, or metallic.


We are convinced you will be happy with your print. In case you would like to swap it with another work, you can notify is within 5 business days. You will be responsible for extra shipping costs and price difference in case the desired replacement is priced higher.

In case the print arrives at your home damaged, please contact us with a picture of your damaged print and we will happily replace it!

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